Harris Family

Minneapolis, Mn —-

For this session, I chose the most woodsy place you could find, with the quickest and easiest route to exit incase a mob of mosquitos came along. I’m not much of an outdoors person and the biggest reason for that is because of bugs. Though on a summer day in Minneapolis you have to go outside since the winters are about 3/4’s of the year. For this family, I knew that their kids would love it there.

When I photograph families it’s really about setting the mood for the children. I don’t have to do much to turn it into an adventure for them. Just 5 minutes of telling jokes and the children are running towards the river already. For any photo session, this is what it’s about. These photos should also capture a moment in time. I’d hope anyone I photograph looks at their photos and remembers your kids halfway in the water, or the rock skipping competition. It’s all about making memories together while I get to capture it.



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